Dear World,

Here's my proposition: Let's build a robot. We teach the robot everything we want to teach the world. Art, fiction, truth, experience, .. We let the robot become a monument to our knowledge, human knowledge.

Why? Creating a robot is a chance to discover ourselves, our interests, and make those interests real.

In asking you to create a robot, I am asking you to design a diagram of gathered thought, an encyclopedia that's written in binary code. The more far-out the contribution, the greater the intelligence.

So tell me: What's your intelligence? ... connect the neural net .. form the hive brain .. work toward the singularity that we all must work against if only to continue to talk, think and collaborate.

Email me work/links. I'll publish creations on our project blog and include ya in future discussion.

Fit via vie.


P.S.- Reccomended reading: "What Is a Number so that a Man may Know It, and Man, so that He May Know a Number?"